Accelerate Your Learning with Anki Software.

Experience the Versatile Flashcard App for Desktop.

Anki Software is a free, open-source program that allows you to create and use flashcards on your computer. You can also download and use ready-made card sets from the online database.

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How it works

Access an Abundance of Learning Resources

Access over 80 million pre-made flashcards or create your own, empowering you with a wealth of learning materials for efficient knowledge acquisition.

Master Your Knowledge with Anki Software App

Enhance your learning through rapid sessions of 1 minute or less, as Anki Software App challenges your knowledge and helps you achieve mastery.

Track Your Progress in Real Time with Anki Software

Anki Software App fuels your learning journey by showcasing progress, motivating you with a tangible "sense of speed" to achieve your goals.

Key Features

Optimize Your Learning with Anki Software

Powered by our expertly crafted advanced algorithm, Anki Software App intelligently saves you time by prioritizing flashcards based on your knowledge level, allowing you to focus on mastering unfamiliar concepts and avoiding unnecessary repetition of what you already know.

All-inclusive Package

Jump-start your learning with our pre-assembled flashcards. The Anki Software App is already equipped with an array of public flashcard decks. If you've been using the independent Anki Software service for flashcard storage, we also offer import options. Additionally, for content from diverse platforms, we accommodate flashcard loading from spreadsheets in the universally recognized CSV format.

Enhanced Content Design

Anki Software empowers you to create your personalized flashcards on any gadget. Card creation is as simple as inputting your desired content on each side of the card. Not only plain text, but you can also incorporate images and audio* into your flashcards (*currently, audio must be incorporated via the web client—availability on other platforms coming soon). As you progress and seek more complexity, Anki Software provides the option to create "custom layouts", allowing you to display a multitude of information fields, styled with HTML and CSS.

Uninterrupted Cloud Connectivity

Anki Software provides smooth synchronization with the cloud, enabling you to design flashcards on one device and then study on another. Moreover, your Anki Software account offers complimentary access to our web client, compatible with any computer running the latest versions of Chrome, Edge, or Opera browsers.

Constantly Evolving

We are ambitious about our future plans, but we value feedback throughout our journey, and our users are a rich source of it. We weigh all suggestions against the core simplicity and focus of our product; not every idea is implemented, but many have been integrated based on user suggestions. In the inaugural year of Anki Software, we launched more than one update each month, and we remain committed to continuous innovation.

Global Reach

Anki Software is accessible globally, extending to as many as 155 countries or regions worldwide. Anki Software supports multiple languages including English, French, German, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Portuguese, and Romanian across all supported platforms, and we are constantly working to include more languages.


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